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Prepared Concrete in the Saint-Hyacinthe, Granby and Drummondville Area

When planning your construction projects, give Carrière d'Acton Vale a call to obtain products made of prepared concrete in Drummondville and Granby. We serve individuals, industries, farmers and the civil engineering sector.

We also offer the possibility of adding pigments to obtain coloured concrete. Several varieties of colours are offered as shown on this chart.

Concrete for Formwork and Balconies

We prepare several types of concrete for a number of varied and specific uses:

  • Formwork
  • Terraces
  • Stairs
  • Balconies
  • Safety walls

  • Basement slabs
  • Furniture
  • Infrastructures
  • Buildings
  • And more

With our expertise that’s been developed for almost 60 years, we can advise you on the mixture that will meet your requirements, whether in terms of strength, the water-binder ratio, the presence of entrained air, etc.

The Qualities of Concrete

In addition to being molded to any shape imaginable, this solid building material offers many advantages:

  • It has exceptional durability
  • It does not allow mold
  • It offers superior soundproofing
  • It is an excellent insulator
  • It resists fire
  • It represents an ecological choice
  • It requires little maintenance
  • It is economical
  • It offers increased protection against tornadoes and earthquakes

The Composition of Concrete

Recognized for its great durability and versatility, concrete is composed of two main elements: aggregates and paste (cement). Aggregates generally consist of crushed stone, gravel or sand. By mixing cement, water, and granulate, a chemical reaction occurs and hardens the compound over time.

Depending on the requirements of a project, the type of concrete to be used can vary considerably. Thus, it is possible to add additives to the mixture (admixtures) to modify the physical or chemical properties of the concrete. Under certain conditions, these additives make it possible to substantially improve the quality of the finished product.

Here Are Some of the Concrete Admixtures used by Carrière d’Acton Vale:

DAir entrainers (improves the durability of concrete during a frost period)

Water reducers (reduces the water content of concrete)

Superplasticizers (increases the handling of concrete)

Set retarders (slows the hardening of concrete)

At Carrière d'Acton Vale, we supply premium quality concrete to our clients in Montérégie (Saint-Hyacinthe, Granby), Centre-du-Québec (Drummondville) and Estrie. Whatever your project, you can rest assured that we have the experience and know-how for the job. For more information on the composition of our different concrete products or to get an estimate, get in touch with our specialists who will answer all of your questions with pleasure.

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Concrete of normal density



Characteristics of Fresh and Hardened Concrete Required by Garantie Construction Résidentielle

(It is recommended to use abrasives, such as sand and gravel, to replace de-icing salts on concrete.)

Concrete elements Class of concrete according to CSA A23.1 Compressive strength at 28 days (Mpa) E / L ratio Maximum nominal size of coarse aggregate (c) (mm) Presence or absence of entrained air
Foundation footings R-1 20(a) 0,70 20 Without entrained air (d)
Foundation walls R-2 20(a) 0,70 20 With entrained air (4-7%)
Basement slabs (interior) R-3 25(a) 0,65 20 Without entrained air
Garage slabs (interior and exterior) C-2 32(b) 0,45 20 With entrained air (5 à 8%)
Balconies, stairs and decks C-2 32(b) 0,45 20 With entrained air (5 à 8%)
Outdoor terraces and pool edges F-1 30(b) 0,50 20 With entrained air (5 à 8%)
Walls in insulating formwork N 25(a) 0,60 14 With or without entrained air

(a) Values from current practice.

(b) Values from the CSA A23.1-09 standard referred to in the Quebec Construction Code based on the 2010 NBC (reference 7.5).

(c) The maximum nominal particle size of the aggregate is usually 20 mm, but the size can be decreased to allow the use of small diameter pumps and for placement in thin elements.

(d) 3 to 6% air content according to CSA A23.1-09.

For all your needs in crushed stone, agricultural lime, cement, filter sand and recycled aggregates

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