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Recycled Aggregates

At Carrière d'Acton Vale, we provide prepared concrete, crushed stone, agricultural lime and recycled aggregates to our customers in Drummondville, Saint-Hyacinthe, Granby and surrounding areas. You work in the field of construction and you have a serious concern for the fate of the environment and future generations? In this piece, we explain how the manufacture and use of recycled aggregates are sensible gestures.

The CRD sector generates millions of tons of waste each year in Quebec Countless tons of construction debris are found every year in mega-landfills - a situation we find very disturbing. At the Carrière d'Acton Vale, we believe that all companies in the CRD (Construction, Renovation and Demolition) sector should make efforts to leave a healthier environment for our children, grandchildren and children and to all generations who will live on our beautiful planet when we leave it, for a long time to come… Carrière d'Acton Vale Turns Construction Waste into Useful Granulates In an effort to avoid waste and pollution as much as possible, we decided to broaden our horizons by becoming an official recycling site for contractors in the region. Do you have dry materials that you would like to get rid of? Bring them to us! We accept:

  • asphalt

  • concrete without reinforcement

  • reinforced concrete

  • brick

With our high-performance equipment, we transform these materials into aggregates of different calibres that can be used for various purposes - as backfill for parking lots and roads, in particular. Using recycled aggregates for your projects: a smart choice! Opting for recycled aggregates at our quarry has many benefits, both ecologically and economically. First of all, the recycling of materials prevents them from being sent to landfills, which, at the same time, considerably reduces transportation costs. In addition, recycling asphalt, concrete or brick reduces the costs of natural resource exploitation. At Carrière d'Acton Vale, we are proud to contribute to the preservation of the environment. If you have any questions about our recycled aggregates or other products (crushed stone, prepared concrete, cement, agricultural lime, filter sand, etc.), contact us!


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