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Agricultural lime

Few people know that the Celts used lime to fertilize their land some 2,800 years ago! Even today, agricultural lime remains an essential mineral to control the acidity of the soil and obtain a better harvest. At Carrière d'Acton Vale, leading suppliers of prepared concrete, crushed stone and agricultural lime in Montérégie (Granby, Saint-Hyacinthe ...), in Centre-du-Québec (Drummondville) and in Estrie, we invite you to read this blog to learn more about the certificate of conformity issued by the Bureau de normalization du Québec (BNQ) for our natural limestone products.

The Certificate of Conformity of Agricultural Limestone: A Guarantee of Excellence At Carrière d'Acton Vale, we understand the importance of the products used to fertilize farmland. In order to offer the best on the market, our company has chosen to participate in the Mineral Amendments - Natural Limestone certification program of the BNQ so that our customers are assured that our agricultural lime is first quality. To obtain the certificate of conformity, our company has demonstrated that our natural limestone meets the BNQ 0419-070 standard, which has some of the highest requirements in the industry. We are very proud of that! The Requirements of the BNQ Standard Concerning Natural Limestone Before assigning us the BNQ 0419-070 standard, the Bureau de normalization du Québec notably verified these elements:

  • The different categories of limestone offered to our career;

  • The water content, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate of our products;

  • Their effectiveness in neutralizing acidity;

  • The means used for the transportation and storage of our products.

Each item has been rigorously examined by a knowledgeable inspector who is familiar with industry standards. The Benefits of Certified Natural Lime In addition to neutralizing the acidity of the soil, certified natural limestone provides other benefits:

  • It improves the soil structure (less compaction);

  • It optimizes the quantity and quality of crops;

  • It reduces unwanted weeds;

  • It prevents the fixation of phosphorus;

  • It multiplies the microorganisms favorable to the soil.

Would you like to know more about certified agricultural lime from Carrière d'Acton Vale? Call us!


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