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Crane and concrete

At Carrière d'Acton Vale, we have several customers who own agricultural businesses (livestock farmers, market gardeners, etc.). When they wish to stock up on agricultural lime or crushed stone, or when they want to sink a concrete slab, they know where to turn: to us! In this blog article, we will present the features of our concrete slabs... hoping to count you soon among our satisfied customers!

What Are Agricultural Concrete Slabs For? There are various reasons for using concrete slabs. In particular, concrete slabs can be used as a solid basis for structures intended for the following uses:

  • Livestock waste management;

  • Recovery and storage of water;

  • Storage of cereals, mash or hay;

  • Storage of fertilizer, materials, machinery or tools;

  • Protection and comfort of animals.

What are the Qualities of Agricultural Concrete Slabs? When properly cast, agricultural concrete slabs are durable, attractive and easy to clean. Thanks to their superior watertightness, they make it possible, among other things, to protect groundwater from contamination. At Carrière d'Acton Vale, we have different concrete mixes tailored to the unique needs of our agricultural customers. If you don’t know what type of concrete to use for your slab, there’s no problem: contact one of our experts, who will offer you various solutions according to the situation. What Are the Main Benefits of Doing Business with the Carrière d’Acton Vale? To build a rural shed or any other agricultural concrete structure, we have the know-how you need. At Carrière d'Acton Vale, concrete slabs and foundations hold no secrets from our team. To guarantee you results that meet your expectations, we carefully monitor each step of your project to ensure that all hands are working together efficiently. Carrière d'Acton Vale: Your Destination for All Your Construction Projects! If you are interested in knowing more about our products (prepared concrete, crushed stone, agricultural lime, recycled aggregates, cement, filter sand) and our services (sale of equipment) offered at Saint-Hyacinthe, Drummondville, Granby and the surrounding areas – don’t hesitate to contact us!


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